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Corina SuteuCorina Șuteu is the initiator and president of the Romanian Film Festival in New York since 2006 (on hiatus in 2016).

Since May 2016 she is serving as the Minister of Culture of Romania, following her position as State Secretary wtihin the Ministry of Culture from February-April 2016.

From 2006 to 2012 she has been the Director of the Romanian Cultural Institute in New York, the Romanian public agency dedicated to cultural diplomacy and international arts exchange, initiating and implementing the new vision on cultural diplomacy promoted by RCI. Under her leadership, RCI New York forged a highly visible and flourishing open space for intercultural dialogue, connecting vibrant Romanian arts and artists to the evolving international scene. She also held the presidency of the network of European Cultural Institutes in NYC (EUNIC) in 2010.

She became interested in managing cultural organizations immediately after the fall of communism. At the beginning of the 1990s she was the director of the Theatre Union of Romania (UNITER) and of Theatrum Mundi in Bucharest. Passionate about the emerging and controversial disciplines of cultural management and cultural policies, she continued working in France, where she was for nine years the director of the European Master’s degree in Cultural management of the Business School in Dijon. In 1995 she also initiated the first regional training program in cultural management for Eastern European professionals, the ECUMEST program.

She has also worked extensively as independent trainer, consultant and researcher in the fields of cultural cooperation and cultural management and policies with leading organizations throughout Europe, while her key interests continued to keep a balanced a focus on the relation between policies and practices in the arts.

She is author of “Another brick in the wall. A critical review of cultural management education in Europe” (Boekman Foundation, Amsterdam, 2006) and of numerous articles and studies.