Corina Șuteu, Minister of Culture of Romania, will attend the 2016 Making Waves


photo by Ozier Muhammad, courtesy of the New York Times

Corina Șuteu, Minister of Culture of Romania, founder of the Making Waves festival and long-time promoter of Romanian Cinema in the U.S., will attend the 2016 edition of Making Waves: New Romanian Cinema.

“Romanian Cinema,” states Ms. Șuteu, “has grown to international prominence in the past decade in spite of a public support system utterly unadapted to the task. Convinced, as I have been since 2006 when I launched the Romanian Film Festival in New York, that Romanian cinema is one of the greatest vehicles for making Romanian arts and culture known in the U.S. and internationally, I have placed cinema, during my mandate as a Minister of Culture of Romania, as one of my priorities, and undertook the kick-start of a reform that will provide Romanian filmmakers and producers, and the film industry as a whole, with better tools.”

November 22, 2016