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Original title: Varză, cartofi și alți demoni
Directed by Șerban Georgescu
2016. 64 m. Romania/Germany. Romanian with subtitles. NR.
U.S. Premiere
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After filmmaker Șerban Georgescu buys a ton of cabbage for only 25 dollars, he sets out to explore the absurdist dynamic of Romanian agriculture in a small southern village. There, some 1,000 farmers, who own about the same number of tractors, produce approximately 100,000 tons of cabbage and potatoes per year—an amount that far exceeds demand. Surrounded by pyramids of their produce in the market, the farmers underbid each other until they all end up losing money. Georgescu inserts himself into this satirical adventure with Super Size Me overtones by moving to the village for a year and cultivating cabbage and potatoes in an attempt to understand why the farmers voluntarily participate in this economic dead end.

Screenplay: Șerban Georgescu
Cinematography: Bogdan Slăvescu
Production: Elefant Film, Ma.ja.de Filmproduktion
Festivals: Dok Leipzig 2016, One World 2017, Docudays 2017


Cabbage, Potatoes and Other Demons / Trailer from Kolectiv Romania on Vimeo.

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