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Original title: Ilegitim
Directed by Adrian Sitaru
In person: actors Alina Grigore & Robi Urs
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Learning about their OBGYN father’s long-ago actions shatters the lives of four adult siblings: They find out that he informed on women seeking illegal abortions during the Ceaușescu regime. To further complicate family matters, the twins, Sasa and Romeo, have an incestuous relationship that has been going on since they were children. When Sasa becomes pregnant, their older brother desperately tries to keep his family together. There are enough moral issues and ambiguities at work in this fast-paced, fearless, and brilliantly acted drama to ignite hot debate on several fronts. For a film shot almost entirely in a tight flat on a tiny budget and with no script, the result is unexpectedly stunning, stifling, and complex.

Romania/Poland/France, 2016, 89m
Screenplay: Adrian Sitaru, Alina Grigore
Cinematography: Adrian Silişteanu, Alexandru Timoşca
Cast: Alina Grigore, Robi Urs, Adrian Titieni, Bogdan Albulescu
Producer: Anamaria Antoci
Production: Domestic Film
Festivals: Berlin 2016 (Forum) – C.I.C.A.E. Award
Romanian with English subtitles


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