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Original title: Un pas în urma serafimilor
Directed by Daniel Sandu
2017. 147m. Romania. Romanian with subtitles. NR.
New York Premiere
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One Step Behind the Seraphim offers that instant satisfaction of knowing you’re watching a talented novice director and cinematographer who’ve learned their craft and understand what to do with it.” (Variety)

A 15-year-old who wants to become a priest is admitted to a Romanian Orthodox seminary, only to realize that the system is totally rotten. Trying to fit in but eventually caught in a power struggle between a two-faced priest (the ever excellent Vlad Ivanov, also seen in Dogs and 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days) and a crooked secular teacher, the student-turned-rebel learns that lying, cheating, and betraying are the tools he has to acquire in order to survive the abusive institution. Inspired by first-time director Daniel Sandu’s experience in a similar seminary, this is a captivating coming-of-age movie of epic proportions with an ambivalent religious twist.

Screenplay: Daniel Sandu
Director of Photography: George Dăscălescu
Cast: Ştefan Iancu, Vlad Ivanov, Ali Amir, Alfred Wegeman
Production: Hi Film Productions
Festivals: 2018 Sofia


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